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Performance Based
Micro & Nano Influencer Marketing

The first Influencer Marketing Platform where you don't risk getting bad results.

Micro and Nano Influencers:

- 500 - 100,000 Followers

- Complement to your macro influencer campaigns

- Increase brand awareness 

- Recommendations feel more real

- Guerrilla Marketing and more...

Our Service

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We developed a mechanism to manage and scale big influencer marketing campaigns while we guarantee a fixed price for a chosen KPI

Target KPI

Pick the metric that you would like to pay for.

Guarantee & Repeat

If we don't get to the promised KPI, we'll reimburse 100% of your money.

Action & Performance

Micro & Nano Influencers

Select the Micro & Nano Influencers for the campaign (Age, Gender, Content type, Social Class, Location).

We'll excecute the social actions that'll fit your campaign and collect, organize and analyse all the data generated by the campaign.

Message & Dates

Tell us what you want to communicate and let us know the start and end date.

Campaign Example

*Values are not real, and are used only for educational purposes.




Target KPI

1.000.000 Impressions

Fixed CPI: 0.01 USD / Impression

Micro & Nano Influencers

Channel: Instagram

Age & Gender: 20-25 women

Followers: 1.000-5.000

Location: Redwood City, Ca

Social Class: Middle

Type of Content: Sport Related

Message & Dates

1st of February - 1st of March

Message: We are launching a new collection of jogging clothing. Sales are available through our IG Shop.


Action & Performance

Action: IG Story Video Selfie with @ to the brands IG profile

Performance: 250 unique influencer accounts used


Guarantee & Repeat

Client paid 10.000 USD in exchange of 1.000.000 impressions

If the 1M impressions had not been reached with the 250 users, we would have kept activating more users. We take the risk, while the brand only pays for a fixed return.

If for any reason the target had not been reached, we would have refunded the client the full amount paid for the campaign.

Watch this explanatory video